Lyrical Illusions

I'll be the memories that you can't erase

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About Me.

Mother. Daughter. Wife. Sister. Writer. Dreamer. Web Designer. Lover. Athletic. Strong. Dependable. Loyal. Faithful. Friend. Animated. Shy. Quiet. Trustworthy. Music Lover. Supportive. Independent.

I'm a Gemini under the chinese Zodiac of Dragon born 28th May. I have one brother. My eyes vary between green and brown. I love with all my heart and trust rarely. If you break my trust I'm done dealing with you. When I'm a friend I'll stick by you through everything, no matter what. Music is my life. I carry my iPod everywhere and I give all my electronics names. Hey, what did you expect from a girl who has slight OCD?


Family. Friends. Camping. Fishing. Cooking. Reading. Writing. Photography. Web Design. Graphics Design. Hiking. Traveling.

David Villa. Mark van Bommel. Johnny Strong. Matthew Gray Gubler. Sully Erna. Massimo Oddo. Spain National Team. Phoenix Coyotes. Arizona Diamondbacks. Kevin Harvick. Miroslav Klose. Frank Lampard.

Sharpies. Mystery. Beaches. Warm weather. Tigers. Dogs. Animals. Human psyche.


Favorites: Operator. Godsmack. Breaking Benjamin. Chevelle. Apocalyptica. Three Days Grace. Rammstein. Ich & Ich. Ludovicio Einaudi.

Music is the heartbeat of my life. I love it and live with it every single day. I always have music going and just the simplest song can turn my day around. I will listen to anything once. My iPod ranges from Einaudi to Rammstein; John Mayer to Godsmack; Usher to Justin Timberlake; Dave Matthews Band to DJ Tiesto; Apocalyptica to Rammstein; Saving Abel to Kenny Chesney. I'm a bit eclectic an my taste is all over the board, but what can I say? I'm a bit of a music junkie.

Television .

Regualar Watchings: Criminal Minds. Bones. Dexter. True Blood. Dark Blue. CSI Miami. Ice Road Truckers. Almost everything on History Channel or Discovery Channel. Yeah I'm a nerd like that.

Watch when I get the urge: CSI: NY.

Guilty Pleasures: American Idol. Dancing With The Stars.

Can't Wait For: There isn't anything at the moment.


Profile layout: C R E D I T S

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